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How Can Daily Planning Contribute to Better Mental Health?

Before starting freelancing full-time, I read a lot of articles from other freelancers. Most of them expressed a similar concern — lack of self-control and planning routine. After digging deeper into the problem, I discovered that the unset schedule was one of the main reasons why self-employed workers quit freelance work and would go back to full-time in-house employment. The fact scared me, and I was wondering whether it’s the unavoidable truth for all freelancers. Almost a year passed, and…

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Business Blogging

6 Steps How to Make Your Business Blog Sell

Blogging for your business is the first and foremost step in the company’s sales funnel. Captivating stories, guides, and tips are a helpful tool to educate the audience, bring more leads, and boost business awareness. However, when the competition is fierce, and every other company has a blog, it’s necessary to make your blog engaging to keep the public’s attention. On the other hand, if you don’t have a business blog, then it’s the perfect time to start one. For…

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Business Blogging

5 Ways a Small Business Can Benefit from Content Writing

It’s not the most relaxed times for small business owners. The rivalry is so fierce it takes guts even to consider entering the market. Although luck solely depends on efforts and strategies, the ones who dare can get lucky. The thing is that for a small business, every penny counts, and as a founder or team member, you always have to gauge possible ROI’s and benefits.  Content writing for a small business is a cost-effective strategy that requires low investments…

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Self-Development Solopreneurship

5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

In the previous article, I discussed why freelancing is beneficial for your career. Today I want to dig deeper into the major problem that most freelance workers face – time management.  Time and task management is an essential part of our daily lives because, without proper plan and control, we would forget tasks, meetings, doctor appointments, and other day-to-day chores. However, when you are a freelancer, the whole time management thing gets more complicated than a few notifications.  As someone…

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Why Should Everyone Try Freelancing at Least Once in Their Career?

Entering a job market is a challenge. Competition is skyrocketing regardless of the industry, and after analyzing your competitors, it seems that at the same age, they somehow have gained three times more experience. It’s bloodshed out there, but you have to be the one to take the crown.  What’s the plan? Well, when everyone shows hard technical skills, it becomes vital to have soft skills that not only represent your professional performance but also shape you as a person…

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