Dear Introverts, It’s Time to Promote Your Work

The current marketing trends aren’t the most friendly to us, introverts. No one can notice your work if you keep it behind closed doors, covered under a thick blanket. To be successful in the extroverted world, you have to find a way to let people know about your business and learn how to sell it.

Being an introverted freelancer exposes you to many challenges. You have to earn your place under the sun and defeat fears of putting yourself out there. I know many wonderful introverts that managed to find their way in this world and build prosperous careers. 

I’m working my way on getting there, too, and believe that by encouraging and pushing each other forward, we can achieve great results.

Success depends on your goals and values

Some people want to have thousands of followers, show their life, and build their brand around it. And some don’t. You shouldn’t feel bad about not being a famous writer on Instagram with a million followers. But that doesn’t mean you should hide from the public and settle for being a starving artist — it’s not romantic.

Here are a few tips on what you can do about your lack of desire to interact with people, but still generate clients and earn money.

Cold emails

Okay, emailing a potential client is an interaction, but there’s nothing personal about (even though the email should be personalized to the lead). Therefore, if you face rejection — don’t take it as an insult to your profession.

Cold emails are your way out of awkward mistakes during first interactions with potential clients because you come prepared. You have your template, you check it a few times for errors and grammar mistakes, and you’re good to go.

If you build an efficient system to send personalized emails, you don’t need to overthink it too much or take it too personally. After you hit send, it’s up to them to decide whether they want to continue communication or not.

In my opinion, although it takes preparation, cold emails are an effective and safe way to engage with people that are in your field.

Social media — isn’t that scary

I didn’t have an Instagram account until 8–9 months ago.

I thought to myself: I don’t want to be scrolling my life away, plus, I don’t feel like showing off my life.

But then another thought passed: No one cares about my life — people care about my work.

Well, they don’t, until you make them care, but my point is — you’re building an account for your work. If it helps, see it as a separate thing. See it, like you would be promoting a client’s account or your pet.

You don’t have to upload dozens of stories with you talking about what you had for breakfast. Instead, show your work and things that make you proud and followers interested.

Connect with other professionals in your field

You would be surprised to know how many talented writers, designers, artists are introverts, and they used to be anxious to showcase their work. But along the way, they took a step to build their career rather than waiting for someone to discover it. Because they couldn’t have achieved what they desired by being scared.

When I see some of the writers I follow openly admit their struggles of being too shy, I feel that I’m not alone in this extroverted world. If you can find someone like that, see how they are dealing with promoting themselves and their work.

Follow them, analyze their brand, and try to adjust some methods to your own communication strategy.

Taking the first step is intimidating and challenging, but when you see that people who dare to take that step are doing fine, you feel less stressed about doing it yourself.

Have a website to do the work for you

A business website is a safe space where you can put all the information beautifully-crafted for the public to see. If you can’t write about yourself in a salesy way, hire a copywriter who does that for a living.

With a professional website, you demonstrate clear evidence that you can deliver exceptional work, and you have previous clients to prove that.

Being an introvert doesn’t strip you from being a successful and well-paid online business owner. And while freelancing requires courage and hard work, it doesn’t mean that being shy and introverted isn’t compatible with it. You can quickly build your own unique way of generating leads and earning money.

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