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5 Ways a Small Business Can Benefit from Content Writing

It’s not the most relaxed times for small business owners. The rivalry is so fierce it takes guts even to consider entering the market. Although luck solely depends on efforts and strategies, the ones who dare can get lucky. The thing is that for a small business, every penny counts, and as a founder or team member, you always have to gauge possible ROI’s and benefits. 

Content writing for a small business is a cost-effective strategy that requires low investments but can bring high value. To be more specific, great content can generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing and cost 62% less. However, not all growing enterprises recognize the importance of the written word and skip blogging, optimized website copy, or similar content. 

In this article, I want to disclose why you shouldn’t ignore writing content in business and what are the benefits of an effective campaign.

The Role of Content Writing in Business Success

1. Organic search ratings

Organic traffic is the priority of any content because it’s cheap and effective. Did you know that 70% of visitors tend to choose articles instead of paid ads? So instead of investing most of the content marketing budget on paid ads, try shifting your strategy and benefit from a more reliable alternative.

However, content marketing shouldn’t be only an alternative, as it has to become the priority. If you plan thoroughly and invest enough time on your blog or any other written content, you can quickly increase your rankings on search engines and attract more visitors. 

For it to happen, it’s essential to craft words not only for search engine crawlers but also people. Next-generation engines are way smarter than before, and they scan your website through the eyes of a user. Content shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords and backlinks. Instead, it should be relevant, popular, and bring value to the reader. 

Moreover, strategic content involves images, meta descriptions, key phrases which also adds value to search engines rankings. The best thing is that one article can generate traffic and leads for years until the topic and information are still relevant.

2. Conversion rates and sales

Sales Funnel

Blogging in business communication serves through the whole sales funnel. It brings awareness, catches user’s interest, assists through consideration process, sparks intent, and helps to evaluate the product or service the client is about to purchase. The same funnel fits different business models, therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you promote handcrafted jewelry or offer enterprise resource planning solution – persuasive content will do the thing.

3. Brand voice

Call it brand awareness, message or company’s voice, either way, it’s essential to present it to the public. These days, internet users, especially the millennial generation, tend to form relationships with brands based on the company’s values, ideas, and thereby, production.

After reading your content, the target audience can determine whether your concept fits their needs, how can it assist them, and benefit further way. 

For the record, it’s recommended to stick to one voice because otherwise, the company’s communication might seem to generic or fishing for any possible clients. 

4. Buyer’s journey and customer education

Articles and blog posts help people to make their minds whether the product is what they are looking for or it’s time to look to another direction. Also, you can in detail explain about your service or product and assist customers throughout the purchase journey. 

It does not only reduce miscommunication and complains but also helps to educate the audience. People can find relevant information about the product and learn about all the possible benefits it could bring. 

On top of that, content forms relationships with customers because when they can find easily digestible information, it forms trust and loyalty.

5. Steady results with a cost-effective solution

Content writing and blogging are a great way to boost your business presence online. One article, if it holds its relevance, can generate traffic for years. Not to mention, you can repost old articles, make a few edits or shifts, and create a new post. Past articles can also serve as a source for e-books, guides, videos, galleries, and social media posts. 

Written content is relatively cheap because you only need to pay for a writer to create a piece. For a small business, it’s possible to find someone within the company and ask to work on a blog. It doesn’t have to take much time or other resources, but it will bring a lot of value in the long run.

Why are blogging and content writing important for your business? To sum up:

  • It brings high value with low costs involved;
  • Steady results for years;
  • Educates customers and helps them to go through sales funnel;
  • Forms your brand’s image and creates awareness;
  • Top asset for organic search rankings.

It’s undeniable that content writing can benefit any business, especially the small one. As you measure all possible investments, content writing service should be at the top of your list.

If you have any questions about your business blogging and content writing strategy or seek to improve it, I invite you to contact me.

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